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LILUX Agricultural Services


Our company in a few words:


Founded in 2009 by the Sluysmans brothers, Lilux's primary vocation was to optimize the mechanization costs of the two farms

In 2013, agricultural work for third parties started, agricultural contractor. Very quickly the trading of used agricultural equipment followed.

The headquarters of our company is located in the south of Belgium.

The rapid expansion of our activities, we have today a site in Belgium, as well as a site in France, Lyons region.

We are specialized in the sale of used equipment:

• FENDT brand tractors and especially the 900 vario series
• CLAAS Jaguar self-propelled forage harvesters
• Tebbe spreaders


We are at your disposal to offer you the best, so we can provide you with financing adapted to your purchase, as well as the delivery, also modifications on the machines so that it is adapted to your needs. (Change of rotor of forage harvester, change of pneumatic sizes etc ...)


Our new brands:

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• Earth moving trailers => ALASCO
• Haymaking equipment => SAMASZ
• Haymaking equipment => TALEX
• Spare parts & workshop accessory => Granit-parts


Our favorite brands in second-hand equipment:
• FENDT tractors
• CLAAS Jaguar self-propelled forage harvesters
• TEBBE spreaders
• PöTTINGER Jumbo self-loading wagons
• JOSKIN & ALASCO earthmoving trailers