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Our company in a few words:


Founded in 2009 by the Sluijsmans brothers, at the time both farmers, the primary vocation of Lilux was to optimize the mechanization costs of the two farms. The 2 farms were of the mixed farming-livestock type, one of Roeland Sluijsmans located in the province of Liège, the other that of Bernardo Sluijsmans in the province of Luxembourg.

The origin of the name comes from these provinces, LI for Liège and LUX for Luxembourg.

Very quickly Bernardo Sluijsmans seeks to develop this company. Roeland will not wish to follow the entrepreneurial adventure will remain on his farm. Thus in 2013 the activity of agricultural work for third parties began with mowing and silage work with a self-loading wagon.

Out of passion, taking care of calm winter periods and constantly developing the financial capacities of the company, the trade in used agricultural equipment followed shortly after. A few years later, the conversion is complete, no more cattle, but machines. Works for individuals, farmers or businesses are part of everyday life as well as the trading of agricultural and civil engineering equipment.

The company became international in 2018, following the opening of an operating site in Isère (France) The Sasu Lilux Isere Rhône-Alpes was created there. Agricultural and trading works are in full development there.

In 2019, LILUX scri takes over the activities of Sarl Delange in Seine Maritime (France). The Sasu Delange Lilux group is created. Agricultural work and earthworks are there daily. Trading is booming there.

In 2020, we are leaving the buildings of the Ambly farm to settle in the industrial zoning of Rochefort. After-sales service, the production of hydraulic hoses, maintenance and repair will now be part of our customer services.


We are specialized in the sale of used equipment

We are at your disposal to offer you the best, so we can provide you with financing adapted to your purchase, as well as the delivery, also modifications on the machines so that it is adapted to your needs. (Change of rotor of forage harvester, change of pneumatic sizes etc ...)